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Available at Hesperides in Seattle.

Frank must be one cool guy, because this strain is fantastic. Literally sparkling with crystals, this flower is so visually stunning it’s almost breathtaking. Dense, and with leaves that start out as dark-green then gradually grow lighter until they look almost pure white with crystals in some places, this magnificent flower is intricately designed. The hairs grew in clumps, and were golden orange in color. The fragrance was mild, earthy and sweet with hints of fruity candy. After we used a vaporizer to enjoy this Frank, we noticed the flavor was earthy and fruit candy-ish as well, which was especially prominent in the aftertaste. The effect was mellow and steady, relaxing but not incapacitating. The perfect strain for all-day use. Frank helped ease mental anxiety and physical tension. What was really remarkable though, was the fact that it gave a significant burst of energy. Frank would be the perfect friend to hang out with before you go to the beach, on a hike or jog, or anywhere else your Pacific Northwest springtime activities might take you—maybe even a tulip field. If you make sure you have a designated driver, you’ll be in for hours of fun. You’re going to want to hang out with Frank all the time.

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