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Former NBA Player Paul Pierce to Launch Cannabis Brand



Former National Basketball Association (NBA) player Paul Pierce is the latest former professional athlete to enter the cannabis industry. The Boston Celtic legend, who was known as “The Truth” during his 14-year NBA career, is launching The Truth, his own line of cannabis products.

Pierce is launching his brand in partnership with The Hub Craft, a Massachusetts-based cannabis cultivator. The partnership will have Pierce’s nickname branded on various edibles, lotions and concentrates by the end of this year, with a signature cannabis flower line coming next year.

After being let go from his position as a basketball analyst for ESPN, Pierce showed off a cannabis grow on his Instagram account while mentioning his brand would be “in stores soon.” Pierce joins other former NBA players who have entered the cannabis industry after their playing careers are over. Former NBA player Shawn Kemp opened a dispensary in Seattle, Washington, where he played most of his career.

“I have such a great connection with Boston,” Pierce said in an interview with The Boston Globe, “so I’m excited to bring the brand there first and educate people on the plant—how it can help in everyday life and also in sports and recovery.”

Pierce says cannabis helped him cope better than other pharmaceutical drugs after he was violently attacked at a nightclub in September 2000. Pierce returned to the court that season, but the attack left him paranoid, anxious and depressed.“I dealt with anxiety, depression,” Pierce said. “It was a hard time in my life, and I don’t wish that upon anyone and thank God I’m here to talk about it. I still had to deal with a lot of life issues and…I really turned to cannabis more than ever in my life. Just to help with the anxiety and sleep apnea…I couldn’t even sleep at night.”