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Former Juul Executive Claims Company Shipped Tainted Products 




A Juul lab executive who was fired from the company claims that Juul knowingly sent out tainted pods to customers. 

According to the Associated Press, Siddharth Breja, a former finance executive for Juul, is the source of the allegations. He claims that he was fired from the company because he opposed the company’s practices, which he says included shipping expired pods and not listing expiration dates on certain products. 

In response, the company claimed that his allegations are baseless, and that Breja was fired because he “did not exemplify leadership qualities,” not because he failed to comply with company policy. 

Breja claims that when it comes to policy, Juul’s mode of operation is “reckless” and “win-at-all costs.” The suit places most of the blame on CEO Kevin Burns, whom Breja alleges was behind many of these business decisions.

Breja claims that in March, the company received notice that some of their mint pods were contaminated, yet they still shipped roughly one million pods out knowingly, and then never made an announcement or issued a recall. 

He also said that he was wrongfully terminated when he raised concerns, and now wishes to speak up about these issues. 

The suit even claims that Burns was disrespectful about his customers when talking about the product in question, saying, “Half our customers are drunk and vaping like mo-fo’s, who the f— is going to notice the quality of our pods.”

Whether or not the allegations against Juul end up being proven true, it’s undeniable that vaping has been getting a lot of negative press lately. Vaping sickness is making headlines almost every day as new information rolls out, and many state officials are starting to enact bans on vape products. This is another in a series of pieces of bad news from the vaping industry, particularly those specializing in tobacco.