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Letter from the Editor

Food is Love.




LettersAll animals eat, but humans are the only animals that cook. Naturally, cooking becomes more than a necessity to survive; it becomes the symbol of our humanity, what separates us from the rest of our natural animal kingdom.

Our food is almost always shared; people eat together; mealtimes are events when the whole family or settlement or village comes together. Food is also an occasion for sharing, for distributing and giving, for the expression of altruism. Thus food becomes not just a symbol of, but the reality of, love and security. And because eating is almost always a group event, food is a unique symbol of our human existence.

Who doesn’t love sharing a delicious and comforting meal with loved ones? And what about dessert? Our mouths water at the mere thought of our favorite sweet treat—a slice of cheesecake, an ooey gooey rice krispie treat, or a perfect scoop of Cherry Garcia . . .

This month is our annual Edibles Issue, focusing on all the pertinent and wonderful innovation in cannabis-infused edible food and drinks, and the sincere appreciation and education in the cannabis culinary arts. Although we are still struggling in many states to organize and legalize cannabis edibles and get them to the people that not only want them but need them, the country as a whole is taking great strides toward this shared goal.

This industry has been steadily expanding in reach and in innovation, and we are constantly impressed and thrilled about the edibles market growth. Even with labeling woes, taxes, titration issues and accessibility, the industry is still moving forward. Cannabis-infused drinks, condiments and seasonings are gaining momentum in the previously dessert-dominated market—and our taste buds, as well as our bodies, are so excited about it.

Not everybody can handle smoking cannabis; depending on your condition, eating or drinking cannabis may be the best suited form of this natural medicine for you. However, whether your food is medicated or not, food can be healing. Your diet can affect your mood, your well being and your physical health tremendously.

Ice cream innovators Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield started their ice cream company, Ben & Jerry, because of the love they had for this delicious and comforting, sweet and creamy concoction. Their passion and dedication to perfect ice cream creations helped them become multi-millionaires, and one of the most well known ice cream companies in the world. They pride themselves on using their products and success as a means to make the world a better place, investing in organizations, events, campaigns and education in important issues in our world, including climate change and justice, GMO labeling, political justice, marriage equality, cannabis legalization and many others. Ben & Jerry know the power that food can have with people, and for people.

I hope with this issue, you realize the power food can have as well, raw or cooked, grown or bought, recreationally or medicinally, as a solitary pleasure or a social experiment—food is love.



Evan A. Senn


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