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Flow CBD Deep Tissue & Joint Gel by Fairwinds




Available at Cannabis retailers throughout Washington.

If there’s anyone reading who has any doubt whatsoever about the effectiveness of cannabis as medicine they should try this product. If you have mild to moderate pain issues that you use topical gels to treat, try this instead and you’ll be amazed at the results. Lending credence to the legitimacy of this product is its elegant, tasteful packaging. In addition to being well-designed and attractive, the package is also informative. With instructions on the types of ailments the gel can be useful for: Sore muscles, arthritic joints, minor burns and abrasions. The package also states that the gel contains comfrey extract, natural essential oils and pure cannabis oil concentrate with 140mg of CBD, 6mg of CBDA and only 4mg of THC. The fragrance of the gel is delicate, sweet and citrusy. The texture of the gel is slightly watery, but it holds together well. Once applied, which we did to a variety of maladies, from aching shoulders to some irritated skin, the tingling sensation is immediate. The gentle warming grows on your skin until the gel’s effects reach a fever pitch about an hour after applying. If you’re using any kind of topical pain ointment currently, try subbing it with this. It is a pleasant and efficient product that will be sure to convert customers.

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