FloraCal Farms Pre-Rolls

Available at Dispensaries throughout California.

The perfect pre-roll pack is here! Featuring five, 0.7 gram joints full of premium indoor bud grown in Sonoma County, each pack is an entire eighth rolled up. Spark up one of these on the beach with a couple of friends, and kick back to enjoy the super relaxing and cheerful effects. A soft and flavorful smoke is detected upon the inhale, which is great for consumers looking to try this medicine for the first time. Even if being enjoyed alone, an extra-long crutch makes it easy to puff on again after being snuffed out once. Next-level thinness in the pack allows consumers to keep one in any pocket without even noticing it there. As expected, FloraCal maintains their reputation of high quality by not putting in any trim or plant matter in their pre-rolls.

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