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Five Ways to Celebrate 420 in 2021



Last year, we spent 420 under lockdown, which for many was strictly Netflix, blaze and chill. But now, as things slowly open up, it’s hard to know exactly how to enjoy this odd, unique year and the remote-and-in-person mix of life that is 2021. Well, there’s no wrong way to celebrate, as long as you’re respectful of cannabis and social distancing rules. Here are a few suggestions!  

Tune in to a Livestream
If you’re still playing it safe until you, or the rest of the world, can get vaccinated, you can turn to everyone’s favorite pandemic pastime and catch a livestream. While this kind of digital entertainment is new and different, it can actually be a pretty good substitute for the real thing. Plus, you could go back and forth between events like Gritty in Pink’s 420-fueled concert, Rock the Roc in honor of Charlotte Figi, and the Highstream 420 Festival to benefit COVID-19 relief.  

Stay at Home and Blaze
This goes without saying, but you can always have a cozy night in with plenty of cannabis to perk up your night or day. Try a cannabis-infused recipe; treat yourself to a new cannabis strain or product, or even get creative in the bedroom with medicated products. 

Support Your Local Cannabis Industry 

While the cannabis industry is one of the only industries that actually blossomed during COVID-19, spending money at your neighborhood dispensary helps support the local economy. Make a night of it and support local restaurants, too, by ordering in before the munchies hit. 

Look into Cannabis Legislation and Social Justice
This year and last were monumental when it comes to social justice and wake-up calls for our nation involving racial inequality. If you’d like to get involved, look into charities you can donate to that support equity in cannabis during this 4/20 holiday season. 

Get Outdoors
If you’re aching to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, head out to the park for a socially distanced walk, or if you live close enough to nature, a hike. Even if you aren’t attending a festival or a huge party like you may be again next year, you can still enjoy the great outdoors.