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Fire OG Kush



Available at Buddy’s Cannabis in San Jose.

Fire. OG. Kush. What better way to describe a strain that is truly an all around amazing flower than the three words used most by people everywhere to describe their most favored buds? Sweet and juicy tangerine scents linger with pungent and sour fumes. Together they facilitate an overwhelming pleasant and exotic fragrance that packs a punch. Fire OG Kush is definitely a strain that will have consumers feeling giggly and goofy, which makes it a great strain for lifting the mood. Ideal for social situations, the Fire OG Kush is super spacey and best used to make any time spent on recreation that much more enjoyable. Crispy orange strands blossom through each and every crevice on these nugs, covering the varying hues of green underneath. The plant matter is very soft to the touch and trimmed with care as well, and it is very hearty in appearance. Fire OG Kush is one of the premier strains to come out of Buddy’s Cannabis and won’t sneak under anybody’s radar anytime soon with its wild flavor and fragrance.

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