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[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]N[/dropcap]ew year, new you. Some might consider this phrase cliché, but many people think of the new year as an opportunity to make changes and develop positive habits. People are always vowing to get in shape, but why not actually do it in 2019 and aspire to lead a more active and meaningful life? It can be hard to get the ball rolling, but we have an idea that might excite you—stocking your closet with items from mindful and cannabis-forward companies to complement your new active lifestyle. By choosing to support companies that grow organic hemp or cotton or vow Fair Trade practices and less of a carbon footprint, you are helping the sustainable clothing movement. Stigma® is a California-based, global company whose brand is focused on spreading a pro-cannabis message through its activewear clothing line, team and upcoming cannabidiol (CBD) enhancement products.

Founded by a brother and sister duo, Anthony and Nicole Gonzales, Stigma® is a cannabis health and wellness lifestyle brand. The siblings created the company around a mission to deconstruct stereotypes about “lazy stoners” by highlighting members of the cannabis community who are active and motivated. Anthony told CULTURE, “People of all different ages and backgrounds consume cannabis while leading healthy, productive and active lives.” In addition to their own stories, Anthony and Nicole have a global network of brand ambassadors who share their personal experiences about the positive role cannabis has played in their lives.

Stigma®’s line of activewear is chic and fashionable with a powerful message. They make sports bras, tanks, leggings, performance shorts, joggers and hoodies that are made from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and rPET (recycled plastic bottles) with subtle messages like “F*ck Stereotypes” and “Aim Higher.” Anthony says that they have plans to incorporate hemp as a fabric in the future. “Hemp is a highly sustainable and low impact crop that provides several benefits over other natural materials. For us, our challenge has been incorporating this natural fiber into activewear products that are typically made from performance materials such as nylon and polyester. We’re working with suppliers to develop a fabric that uses hemp and other fibers specific to our sports application. We want something that is soft, durable and sweat-resistant,” he said.

“People of all different ages and backgrounds consume cannabis while leading healthy, productive and active lives.”

Anthony’s mission to found Stigma® started after he saw firsthand how cannabis positively affected his health. He wrote in an Instagram post that two years ago he was suffering from stomach issues, was overweight and working a high stress job at Apple. Doctors were prescribing him pharmaceuticals to relieve his pain and inflammation, but he knew that there had to be a better way than prescription drugs. He started doing research and discovered CBD as a natural remedy, which greatly improved his health. He wrote, “I started using cannabis to support my fitness routine and found it made a huge difference. The gym and working out became fun again as I played around with different sativa strains prior to my workouts.” He explained that a vape hit before a long run, CBD salve for sore muscles or eating an edible to relax and rest are ways to incorporate cannabis into a workout.

Anthony’s sister Nicole, who is co-founder, is involved with all clothing designs, is Stigma®’s primary photographer and also utilizes the health benefits of CBD. “She’s been with me since the inception of the brand and has played an integral part in pretty much every decision. We’re a small family startup with my sister, dad and boyfriend all supporting in some capacity,” Anthony said.

Stigma®’s other focus is a line of CBD sports performance products for athletes, set to debut early next year. Anthony said they will be infusing oral spray, protein powder and topicals with 100 percent organic CBD plant material. “We’re using an innovative CBD delivery system to improve bioavailability within the body versus traditional CBD oils. Many people don’t realize that only 10 to 20 percent of the CBD contained in oil-based hemp extracts actually enters into the human body,” Anthony said. The hemp from which the CBD is derived is grown outdoors in Colorado without pesticides or herbicides in a zero waste process. Anthony explained, “Our manufacturing partner utilizes 100 percent of the hemp byproducts for fiber, animal bedding and biomass energy.”

Stigma® has a lot of  room to grow and has big plans for the future. Look for the company’s CBD enhancement products early next year and for their new hemp gear to come after that.

Treat yourself to some stylish mindful gear to help jump start your new active lifestyle. If you feel the part you will act the part. Power the sustainable clothing movement by supporting companies that use mindful practices and renewable resources while redefining the stigma surrounding cannabis with movements like this.

Hemp Roots

Sustainable activewear made from hemp is an ongoing trend that has been around for decades, and companies like PrAna and Rawganique are a couple of leaders in the industry.

PrAna is a sustainable clothing brand with conscious initiatives. PrAna as a company has shared that we all have a choice in what we choose to wear, grow and buy. PrAna is committed to utilizing 100 percent organic cotton and hemp, recycled wool, responsibly sourced down and Fair Trade practices. PrAna makes sustainable clothing that keeps up with the trends and what people want and need. Its activewear seamlessly allows people to transition from the gym or yoga studio to running errands or to happy hour. From the mountains to the beach, PrAna makes athletic gear for all activities. “Ultimately, sustainable clothing respects the planet and its people,” according to the company’s website.

Founded in 1977 by off-the-grid islanders, Rawganique handcrafts clothing from hemp, linen and organic cotton. The company grows, combs, spins, weaves, knits and sews all of its products. Activewear items like hemp socks, undergarments and T-shirts help wick away moisture during a workout. Rawganique’s hemp gym bags and hemp or polyvinyl chloride-free yoga mats are perfect to accompany to the gym. Rawganique even makes hemp home furnishings such as sheets, curtains and rugs. Supporting smaller companies like Rawganique helps them in their quest of sustainable practices.

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