The Famous OG by Sugar Leaf Extracts Available at: Divine Wellness in Canoga Park.

Feeling famous? If you want to feel famous, even for just a few hours, then The Famous OG is sure to do the trick. Sugar Leaf Extracts is known for its impressive OG varieties including Comanche OG and Sour Chem OG, among other strains. The Famous OG is equally impressive and another claim to fame.  Sugar Leaf Extracts, given its sweet-leafed strains, is the perfect company name. It produced a sweet lemon and pine cleaner aroma with impressive trichome formations. The semi-hard, dense and heavy nugs broke up into a bigger bowl than we had initially anticipated. The effects lasted longer than we were used to—which is the tell-tale sign of a quality strain. We didn’t stay awake after that point, which confirms this strain’s powerful indica effects.

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