Exploring the Hardcore and Metal Sounds of All Pigs Must Die

Cannabis and metal go hand-in-hand, and some of the plant’s most outspoken advocates are also the loudest and most abrasive from a musical standpoint. Hardcore and metal supergroup All Pigs Must Die is nothing if not intense, and it is definitely supportive of cannabis. Featuring members of The Hope Conspiracy, Converge and Trap Them, the band is made up of famous hardcore icons who have been in the game a while. What is lesser known about the band, however, is they also smoke and support cannabis. CULTURE sat down with the group’s bassist, Matt Woods, and asked him a few questions about his upcoming album, his career and his love of cannabis.

How did the band get started, and how would you define your sound? Who are some of your biggest influences?

Pigs got started while we were drinking together at a holiday party. Pretty humble beginnings. We wanted to do a hyper-aggressive EP and figured that would pretty much be it. Once we got to writing songs it snowballed and all of us really enjoyed what we were doing. Seven years later, it’s still pretty much the same. We are all into doing it and getting that feeling. It doesn’t get old.

As far as influences, there are really quite a few. Some examples are Autopsy, Slayer, Integrity, Trouble, Ulver and Craft.

What do you feel is special about the direction taken on this new record? What can listeners expect?

I believe Hostage Animal to be the most dynamic and far-reaching of our releases while retaining a streamlined, intense efficiency and cohesion. Listeners can expect songs that are lean and mean and some that are more expansive.

Hardcore isn’t always cannabis-associated, but a lot of the metal-adjacent genres you all aligned with are. Do you think a lot of your fans are cannabis enthusiasts?

Well, it’s a bit tough to gauge how many in our audience are real enthusiasts, but I can say that any time we have been hard up and in need, kind souls have obliged.

Any plans for the future of the group that you’d like to announce?

We are going to try to play as much as our schedules allow and hopefully get rolling on some new songs as soon as possible.

Have you all ever worked cannabis into your music as a theme? If so, how?

Thematically, no. But I can assure you that any time we are rehearsing, recording and demoing at home etc., some of us are certainly using it. It serves as a performance enhancing drug.

How has cannabis affected your lives, and your creative processes?

For me it is a miracle. It helps me sleep and manage any physical soreness and pain that crops up due to my job. Most importantly it slows down the snake pit that is my mind and helps me relax. Personally, I can’t say it’s made me a more creative person per se, but it certainly helps me focus and relieves any anxiety when reviewing ideas or demos.

What do you think about legalization so far? What could be done better or differently?

It is nice to see that some pockets of the U.S. have come to their senses and legalized weed. My largest and most obvious criticism is the pace is too slow and too bogged down in red tape. Legalization should be a national issue. Proponents should pound the fact that the largest donors against legalization are pharmaceutical companies and private prison advocates. Both of those groups occupy the shallow end of the gene pool and their ill effects should be amplified at every turn.

What is your favorite strain or cannabis product?

My favorite type of weed is free weed. But if I’m paying, I dig sativas and hybrids. I’m fairly certain the other guys would agree. Whether it’s flower, wax, oil or edibles, we’ll give it a shot.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for your interest in Pigs. We are doing our best to play as many places as we can!


Band Name: All Pigs Must Die

Genre: Metal, punk

Location: Massachusetts

Most Recent/Upcoming Album: Hostage Animal, released October 27

Website: https://www.facebook.com/apmdband/

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