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Eureka Vapor Clear 500mg Indica





Available wherever Eureka Products are carried.

When someone offered us a ticket to see Steely Dan one random night, we weren’t sure we wanted to abandon our plans to smoke ourselves into a pleasant cannabis coma, but decided to head to the Hollywood Bowl with our Eureka Vapor Clear 500mg Indica vape cartridge stowed away in our pocket. Halfway through “Reelin’ in the Years,” we began to feel a nice effect creeping in as the crowd around us kicked their crocs up and settled into their chardonnays. The rose-colored band around the cartridge is a subtle hint at the perfume-like vape you get from this winner of Hempcon’s 2015 Best CO2 Concentrate category. The company’s site boasts a very thorough breakdown of the compounds that make up their highly sought after products, and after you’ve experienced it for yourself, you can use their search engine to pick one up wherever Eureka products are sold.

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