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Entertainment Reviews

The Cannabible Collection
Author/Photographer: Jason King.
Publisher: Ten Speed Press.
Vividly photo-illustrated and elegantly designed, The Cann





The Cannabible Collection

Author/Photographer: Jason King.

Publisher: Ten Speed Press.

Vividly photo-illustrated and elegantly designed, The Cannabible Collection is a must for students and aficionados of the natural miracle of marijuana. The collection gathers King’s three Cannabible volumes—published between 2001 and 2006—into one abridged, handsomely boxed set.

King, a renowned cannabis expert and world-class photographer, spent years scouring the planet for the boldest sativa and indica phenotypes. The fruits of his journeys are presented here in painstaking detail—including crisp close-up photos, heartfelt and highly personal essays and valuable information covering everything from near-extinct strains to the best (and worst) cannabis coming from every corner of the world.

As with many horticultural experts for whom journalism is not their first vocation, King’s writing style is workmanlike and occasionally clumsy. But the sheer scope of his knowledge, combined with his genius for photography, elevates The Cannabible Collection to a work of art. This is clearly a labor of love from a man who brooks no nonsense when it comes to cannabis—as evidenced in his pull-no-punches exposé on the ongoing problems with strains coming out of British Columbia.

Another big plus to the collection is its price—the set can be had starting at $16.50 on (James Lang)



Plants vs. Zombies

Platform: PC.

Game Maker: PopCap Games.

A recent study by scientists in the Netherlands showed Alzheimer’s patients who smoked cannabis while playing video games displayed significant improvement in their mental capacity and memory retention. Now, medical-cannabis patients have a video game to play to save their brains—from zombies!

Developed by PopCap Games, Plants vs. Zombies sets you in a house, with steadily increasing numbers of zombies outside trying to get in. Luckily, you have the tools to stop them—an arsenal of colorful, combat-capable plants. As the creatures lurch across your front lawn to give you a lethal dose of brain-eating death, you plant sunflowers to soak up some rays, use pea shooters to blast the undead with vegetable bullets, hurl potatoes that blow up like grenades and even deploy psychedelic mushrooms to make the marauders turn purple and attack other zombies.

These brain-devouring denizens aren’t stupid. They put buckets on their heads as armor, and even dress up like Michael Jackson to dance and summon more zombies. Then . . . they break out the steam rollers.

Find Plants vs. Zombies at, where you can download it for $19.99, or play a trial version for free. (Jasen T. Davis)



Cash Crop: Going Where the Green Is

Written/Director/Producer: Adam Ross.

Studio: Sierra Films.

There’s nothing like a good, suspenseful movie with engaging characters and an interesting plot—and if the story and people are real, so much the better. Such is the case with the new documentary, Cash Crop: Going Where the Green Is, shot through a lens clear of hidden agendas.

Written, directed and produced by filmmaker/musician Adam Ross, the documentary is a gripping road trip along the Californian coast, to the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino and Humboldt counties. Along the way, Ross and a tiny film crew enter the underground world of marijuana cultivation and distribution, while gaining surprising access to mom-and-pop growers, activists, police, concerned citizens, DEA agents and even members of the Mexican mafia.

Throughout the 85-minute film, the characters are candid and passionate as they discuss issues of legality, personal freedom, profits, business techniques, sustainability and community involvement. Created over an 18-month period, Cash Crop won the Audience Award at the 2009 Maui Film Festival.

The documentary is currently being shown at private, pre-release screenings in preparation for a large West Coast tour and free outdoor screening nationwide on April 20–420 Day. For more info on the film, visit, or (Greg Aragon)