Entertain Yourself With Comic-Con-Inspired Cannabis Products

These days, San Diego Comic-Con is one of those events that are hard to get tickets for. Back in its heyday, tickets were not only cheap but plentiful. Sadly, the past few years have results in tickets being sold out in record time, leaving many fans unable to celebrate their favorite fandoms, buy exclusive merch or attend special panels. Nothing beats being at Comic-Con in person, but you can certainly celebrate in your own way with these special cannabis products. Comic-Con officially begins today, July 18, and runs through Sunday, July 21—don’t miss your chance to spice up your evenings while thinking about the current and future entertainment.


Birthday Cake

“Spongebob Big Birthday Blowout” is happening today, honoring two decades of success with the show’s co-executive producers and a handful of regular voice actors, including Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Plankton and Mr. Krabs. At home, you should light a symbolical candle with a dose of Birthday Cake, an indica-dominant strain that will help you plop down on the couch to binge some of the show’s greatest episodes.



The His Dark Materials book series is getting its own show, and this Comic-Con panel is one of the first looks at the team who’s bringing it to life. If you haven’t read the book, all you need to know is that it’s about kidnapping, mysteries, and a polar bear, among other important plot points. Pick up Permafrost, a strain that will improve your mood and help you socialize better, while you wait for more details about this show to emerge.


Superman OG

Almost all video game adapted film and shows suck—but The Witcher has promise. The monster hunter protagonist will be played by none other than Henry Cavill, who most know through his role as Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. While you’re dreaming about the hopeful success of the Netflix series, which is slated to release in late 2019, try out some Superman OG. The strain will bring on effects of euphoria and probably make you giggle a lot.


Fairy Dust

Carnival Row is a new fantasy Amazon series featuring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. It’s no Game of Thrones, but a panel at Comic-Con this year aims to elaborate on the story and what fans can look forward to. Did I mention that Cara Delevinge is playing some sort of fairy? Get pumped for this unique show with a dose of Fairy Dust. A “sprinkle” of this in your vape pen and you’ll feel a hyper-strong, focused head effect.


Crown OG

Game of Thrones is over, and although the disappointment of the show’s ending, it’s still going to go down as one of the greatest fantasy shows of all time. The cast, many of which have been nominated for an Emmy, are returning once more to discuss the show and its production. Seek out a strain like Crown OG to honor the ending of this intense show. It’s a pretty potent indica, so it’s recommended that you just chill on the couch and relax while rewatching one of your favorite episodes.


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