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Enjoy the Season with Festive Cannabis Decorations




One thing that is great about this time of year is that you can use your own interests to celebrate however you like. Certain religious groups honor ancient traditions around this time of year. Others celebrate the aesthetic and music of the holidays. Some people like to spice things up a bit with themed Christmas trees, such as all black décor, science fiction or video game themed. Then you have cannabis, which has a great motif and color scheme for holiday decorating. Here are just a few ways you can introduce some classy decorations into the 2019 holiday season.

Cannabis Ornaments

Whether you’re religious or not, you probably have plans to buy/put up a Christmas tree. Take your ornament up a notch with these Cannabis Leaf Ornaments from KushPandaStore on Etsy. These circular globes are bright green and festive, all sporting a classic cannabis leaf emblem. It’s only $29 for a set of 12, so there are plenty of ways to help flesh out the cannabis theme on your tree this year. Also look for unique laser-cut wooden ornaments from stores such as Southside Plants, or a classy gold-plated cannabis ornament from Ravenstonegifts.

Cannabis Wax Melts

While this doesn’t play directly into the theme of holiday decoration, there is certainly a place for scents of the season. While you gaze at your theme holiday tree, you can also breathe in the classic scent of these Marijuana Leaf Shaped Wax Melts. It also contains scents of green mandarin, coriander, cassia root, black ashwood and patchouli leaves for spicy yet relaxing smell throughout your home.

Cannabis Ugly Sweater

Don’t forget that you are a part of holiday decorations too! Complete the theme with your very own ugly Christmas sweater, featuring cannabis leaves, bongs and a very large statement reading “Happy Holidaze.”

Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar

Make every day a little celebration with this gorgeous little Cannabis Christmas Advent Calendar. Although the price is high, it contains a load of surprises including cannabis buds, edibles and extracts. Don’t forget to display it tastefully next to a well-decorated tree or warm fireplace.

Cannabis Themed Cookie Cutters and Stamps

Cannabis-infused edibles are more popular than they have ever been before, and you shouldn’t skip the opportunity to bake your own cannabis themed cookies. You can go the traditional Marijuana Leaf Cookie Cutters route, and decorate it however you see fit, or you can utilize tools such as these silicone cannabis stamps. So long as you keep these beauties far away from the hands of minors, then you’ll be able to complete the look!