End of Summer Getaway Pack your bags and book a cannabis vacation that best fits your destination desires

The summer season often brings an influx of vacationers to almost every part of the world, and cannabis consumers are no exception when giving into the temptation of summertime travel. Oftentimes it can be difficult to come across the perfect, cannabis-friendly destination. Given the increasing boom of the cannabis industry, the market has opened doors for various companies to tailor specific services to those who love imbibing cannabis while getting away. Get to know a few travel agencies that cater specifically to those looking for the perfect cannabis-friendly getaway.

Bud and Breakfast

Take the convenience of Airbnb and combine it with cannabis to create a stress-free getaway! With Bud and Breakfast, guests have “instant access to safe and legal cannabis-friendly accommodations worldwide.” This company allows potential guests to have an array of lodging choices, while also giving property owners exposure to travelers eagerly in search of the perfect getaway home away from home. This service is great for anyone hoping to enjoy their travels in a comfortable and welcoming environment, rather than the impersonal atmosphere that is often found with hotels. However, properties can range from private homes to charming villas to fit the preferences of every kind of wanderer. Bud and Breakfast promises “an accessible network of accommodations that meet high standards for quality, reliability, and satisfaction for travelers who also enjoy the benefits of the wonderful healing plant, marijuana.” Offering the ability to venture out as far as Uruguay or Canada, this service is helpful to even the most adventurous of travelers.


Kush Tourism

For those looking for an online resource to expose them to a variety of travel options within the United States, Kush Tourism might be the way to go. Kush Tourism connects potential travelers with lodging, dispensaries and cannabis tours in several states. “We partner with travel agencies, cannabis tour companies, pot friendly lodging establishments, farmers, processors and retailers,” the company explains. Kush Tourism provides valuable information about travel opportunities, and operates its very own cannabis culture tour in Seattle, Washington. For those curious about cannabis destinations outside of Washington, Kush Tourism also maintains a forum for consumers to discuss and ask questions based on locations they’d like to vacation to.


Cannabis-friendly rental properties are just a click away at travelTHC. Cannabis consumers can be at peace knowing their green lifestyle is welcomed at any of the properties listed with travelTHC. What began as a small startup in Colorado has now expanded to include locations such as Washington, Oregon and Alaska. International visitors looking for the right ambiance have taken travelTHC into their own hands in assisting them in booking their ideal vacation home. Bungalows, cabins, suites and more can all be found through this website. Whether them are in need of a metropolitan city or a hideout in the mountains, travelTHC will match vacationers to the location to best fit their preferences.



Planning out every detail of a vacation can be exhausting, especially when attempting to navigate cannabis-friendly activities and sites. RastaVacations sets up customers with preplanned itineraries and travel packages to allow vacationers all the fun experiences without all the hassle of planning and booking during their trip. RastaVacations proudly shares, “We are a ‘green,’ pro-personal choice, pro-legal marijuana, travel resource and company. Our guests are both individuals and groups who prefer a more tolerant vacation experience—and those who appreciate great, unique adventures and destinations.” With each package, every day is organized with events, cultural excursions and sightseeing. Embark on the Amsterdam trip that includes museum visits, countryside trips and a coffee shop crawl in what is recognized as one the cannabis capitals of Europe. Other international packages include Jamaica, Uruguay, Colombia, Canada and the Dominican Republic.


HotBox Jamaica

Sizzling temperatures of summer cause many to flock to the tropical islands of the Caribbean, and without a doubt, Jamaica will be on the brain for anyone hoping to kick back on the beach with green by their side. HotBox Jamaica offers specialty lodging, tours of cannabis farms and popular sites on the island overall. Ocean views, balconies and private beach access are just some of the few perks Hot Box Jamaica provides its guests. The company is operated by the owners of Canada’s original cannabis lounge, HotBox, and it promises to offer “the most relaxing Jamaican Ganja vacation.” Located in the heart of Runaway Bay, a town on the northern coast of Jamaica, accommodations are in close proximity to nightlife, restaurants and transportation services.




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