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For cannabis-loving couples, there are many ways to share a token of love on Valentine’s Day. Having a partner who also partakes cannabis means that you can have a unique, euphoric way to celebrate romance while reaching whole new highs. While couples should always be aware of their local city and state laws prior to making plans, the addition of cannabis into a date-night routine can spice things up like never before. Whether you go out for a night on the town or stay cozy indoors, one of these cannabis-friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas are sure to make your day more intimate and special.


A Night on the Town

Taking a creative class together is a fun and social experience that allows partners to share their artistic skills. States with legal recreational cannabis are beginning to host herb-inspired private or group cooking classes that are both romantic and teach some useful skills too. Budding artisans can also find group art classes where cannabis consumption is encouraged to help tap into participants’ creative side.

Couples can also expand their physical and mental horizons by trying a cannabis-friendly yoga class. Imbibing cannabis before a yoga session can bring heightened awareness and calm to your standard yoga practice. Sharing this experience with your partner can allow couples to connect with each other in a whole new way, both during and after the class.

Don’t forget the tried-and-true couple’s massage with masseuses who use cannabidiol (CBD) massage oils. The relaxing mix of physical touch and CBD’s ability to reduce pain, inflammation and stress means that both parties are improving their physical and mental wellbeing.


A Date Indoors

For busy couples, time spent together can be limited, but having a dedicated date night at home can be just as intimate with the addition of cannabis.

Why head to an overly crowded restaurant when you can stay home instead? There are countless recipes that can be reimagined with cannabis in mind. Work with your loved one to craft the perfect dinner and dessert combination by altering recipes to include infused butter, vegetable oil or simple syrup. Chocolate—once called a food of the gods—is a basic requirement for Valentine’s Day presents. Think beyond the heart-shaped box and bring home some extra-special brownies, decadent infused chocolates from a local dispensary.

Of course at the end of the day, romancing your partner will ultimately lead to steamy bedroom activities—and you can’t get more intimate than sex. Many reports state that cannabis can enhance sexual pleasure, so it’s only wise that you utilize products such as CBD or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) -infused lubricants. These products help women reduce pain for women experienced during intercourse, leading to a much more relaxed state of being as well as the possibility for more intense orgasms.

“Having a partner who also partakes in cannabis means you can have a unique, euphoric way to celebrate romance while reaching whole new highs.”


Find the Perfect Cannabis-Loving Soulmate

Singles shouldn’t be left out on Valentine’s Day. Swipe right with one of these unique cannabis dating apps to find the perfect date. (Note: Apps may not be available in areas where cannabis is not yet legal).

High There! boasts millions of downloads and has been covered by several mainstream news outlets. It connects people through their preferred way of partaking cannabis and their reactions to it.

420 Singles has been around since 2011. It focuses on meeting your preferred gender in the area, but also boasts a swipe right feature for quick review. You can fill in personal details including background and religion for a thorough opportunity to match.

My 420 Mate offers website and app options for viewing and includes extra features such as a “hot” list and hosted meet up events. The site is currently free to use and will ask users about cannabis consumption preferences.