Eight out of 10 Cannabis-friendly Parents said Cannabis Makes Children Programs Enjoyable

Parents who consume cannabis said that that cannabis enhances the time spent with their families while watching family-friendly programs. Parents said that cannabis improves attention span, immersion, willingness to try new shows and binge-watching.

Researchers hope to help end the stigma of cannabis that refused to die on TV. “The stoner stereotype is so prevalent and persistent in TV and Media that it continues to stigmatize those for whom cannabis is part of their active and healthful lifestyle,” stated Robert Miner, president of Miner & Co. Studio. “This is especially true for cannabis consuming parents who feel that cannabis plays a positive role in their lives and in some ways, improves their parenting and time spent with their families—including watching TV.”

Investigators interviewed parents of children under 18 who are consumers of cannabis and who are 21 to 55 years old. The pool of respondents was evenly weighed between men and women. Nearly 8 of 10 respondents stated that they regularly consume cannabis when watching or getting ready to watch TV with their kids.

In addition, 86 percent of respondents said that cannabis enhances the overall experience of the shows they’re watching. Seventy-seven percent said that cannabis improves their attention span so “they’re more likely to binge-watch (79 percent), try out new shows and series (77 percent), feel more immersed in the show that they’re watching (86 percent) and they say that they’re more likely to let commercials play (77 percent) when they’ve been consuming cannabis.”

The International Movie Database (IMDB) published a list of the best animated films to watch when consuming cannabis, which includes movies like Shrek, Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6. Another list found 12 Pixar characters that certainly included subtle references to cannabis that children wouldn’t understand.

Finally, most parents said that they consume cannabis discreetly in front of their children and were more likely to consume edibles than smoke.

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