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Eden Extracts Diamond Line Cartridge – Sunset Sherbert




If you’ve ever experienced the happiness caused by enjoying a bowl of sherbet while watching the sunset, then you might have an idea of how good this cartridge can make people feel. This cartridge is filled with simply unreal flavor! Chock-full of real cannabis terpenes and magical citrus tastes, it’s easy to get caught up in the deliciousness and puff this cart away all night! When used with the matching battery from Eden Extracts, enormous clouds of vapor are yielded, keeping every consumer ecstatic. The effects from the Sunset Sherbert Cartridge are notably sativa-like with surges of creativity and energy running through those who enjoy this treat. At The Emerald Cup, the Diamond Line made its debut and placed among the top cartridge entries. This cartridge stands out from the pack should be sampled by any extract fan.

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