Ed Sheeran Unveils CBD-infused Beer at his New Pub

Grammy Award-winning artist and international pop star Ed Sheeran announced that he will sell a CBD-infused beer called “Cannabis Bier” at his new pub called Bertie Blossoms in Notting Hill, West London, England. Located on Portabello Road, Sheeran’s new pub, named after his wife, is being teased as a swanky and hip two-story hangout spot. It’s a project between Sheeran and his business partner Stuart Camp.

CBD-infused beers are typically brewed from barley, and CBD oil is added during the process. “I guess it contains some CBD compounds: am not very sure what it contains,” said one of Sheeran’s staff members. But according to the Plymouth Herald, the Cannabis Bier is a connoisseur brew with ingredients like Plymouth Gin, blackberries and ginger for a truly unique flavor profile.

Despite writing the song “Sweet Mary Jane” as recently as 2015, Sheeran announced last January that he quit smoking cannabis for the time being. “I’ve stopped smoking weed,” he said. “I found myself just sitting at home watching films. I only ever create (when I’m) sober. I like to be alert. I find most ideas happen when you have a cup of tea. For me, anyway.”

But selling CBD-infused items is something entirely different, as pure CBD does not produce psychoactive effects. The pub also features dozens of other fine craft beers, organic wines and champagnes.

Sheeran already owns at least one other pub called The Lancaster Lock located in Suffolk. The artist also claims to have a secret tunnel that connects his north London home to an undisclosed private pub. A glass bottle of Cannabis Bier at Bertie Blossoms sells for  £5.20 ($6.35 USD).

Sheeran remains of the the U.K.’s highest paid entertainers, and reportedly earned over £65,000 ($79,345.50) daily in 2018. With the opening of his new pub, and with the option of Cannabis Bier, Sheeran is destined to make even more in 2019 and beyond.





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