Drive-Thru Location for CBD Products Opens in Vermont

Vermont’s medical cannabis patients can now pick up CBD products with more ease and less hassle at the Ceres Natural Remedies. Earlier this month the company opened its drive-thru operation for quicker access to CBD products. As one of the first drive-thrus for CBD items in New England, Ceres Natural Remedies offers a service that will make many patients’ lives much easier.

“We are constantly looking for ways to make the buying experience more convenient while still maintaining the same quality of service to our customers, many of whom have debilitating health issues that make getting around harder,” said Ceres Natural Remedies and Southern Vermont Wellness’ CEO Shayne Lynn. Not only does this service make purchases more convenient, it also normalizes retail sales and consumption of cannabis products.

Southern Vermont Wellness first opened for business in 2013. Since then, Shane Lynn and his team have opened four dispensaries and three Ceres Natural Remedies branches. As a result, Lynn’s company is now the largest dispensary operator in the state of Vermont.

Ceres Natural Remedies prides itself in combining, “artisanal quality and science based healing.” The health and wellness store supplies CBD capsules, isolates, oils, topicals and even CBD for pets as well as non CBD products. They currently stand as the store offering New England’s largest selection on CBD products, carrying over 60 brands. As a reminder, CBD is short for cannabidiol, an extract from the cannabis plant that is non-intoxicating and offers relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety and other ailments.

“We think this will set a new standard for delivery in our industry here in Vermont and throughout New England in the future,” said Lynn. Those who are interested in stopping by the drive-thru must note that Cares Natural Remedies only sells to adult guests and all sales must be completed using cash. The facility only supplies CBD products and does not offer any cannabis related items that contain THC.

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