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Dreaming Big with Bingx




[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap radius”]A[/dropcap]fter a childhood of bullying, due to having Tourette Syndrome, an addiction to opiates following an accident and two years serving in the military, Bingx has found where he belongs—on stage and in the studio, with a pen and mic in hand. He is currently signed to CaviGold Records, a label grown from the well-known Caviar Gold Brand of medical cannabis products. CULTURE recently caught up with this emerging and energetic performer, who defies both genres and stereotypes.

How long have you been writing, recording, and performing?

I was 16 when I heard Tech N9ne for the first time. It was mesmerizing to me, because I was raised on rock music. I joined the military when I was 18, and got out when I was 20. When I got out, I bought a new Macbook Pro and started recording songs on Garage Band. I was performing at an open mic venue and this dude comes up, tells me he loves my music. He asked me what I needed to move forward. I was like; well I can’t afford studio time. He handed me $200, and we hit the studio a week later. He still manages me to this day, Michael Doyle. So that’s how I got started, was by listening to Tech N9ne, and now I’m on tour with Strange Music!

You’re currently on the Strange Music Malta Bend Tour with Stevie Stone. How’s that going?

It’s fantastic! I’m learning a lot. Strange Music does big tours. They’re real road warriors. This is my first nationwide tour, so I’m getting to soak up game from people who have been doing this for a long time. I’m getting positive feedback from the cities that we’ve been through. It’s cool to sit and chop it up with different people from around the nation, everybody has a story to tell.

Tell us about your new album.

W.O.R.D.S is an acronym for “Where Only The Realest Dreams Succeed.” It’s available on iTunes, you can buy it online anywhere music is sold. I think the most impactful song on it is “Bully.” I have Tourette Syndrome. I make noises, I have involuntary muscle movements. In the song “Bully”, the first verse is about the kid that’s getting bullied and the second verse is about the guy who is doing the bullying and that he’s bullying because at home he’s getting beat by his dad. So that’s the only way he knows how to show emotion. The third verse is about what happens between the two of them. It’s really powerful; I like storytelling.


What is it like to have Tourette Syndrome, and be a performer? Does it impact you professionally?

My Tourette’s is not the hardest thing in the world to deal with. I make noises, I twitch, but I can laugh at myself. I haven’t run into any problems professionally. When I sing, when I’m rapping, my Tourette’s goes away. When you’re performing music, you’re using a different part of your brain.

You are heavily into the cannabis scene. Why is cannabis legalization important to you?

I absolutely stand for legalization. I love marijuana. Marijuana is a good thing. Whether it’s medical or not, it’s a positive thing. It makes people laugh, it brings people together.  One of the strongest things I can say about marijuana, is if you have any type of painkiller that you have to take, if you smoke weed instead, your life will be a hundred times better. I promise.

Do you prefer flowers, concentrates, edibles or all of the above?

Edibles mess me up! I like dabs, no matter the strain. My favorite weed is Caviar Gold, and I know you may think I get paid to say that, but I mean it! I can’t even tell you how many different kinds of weed I’ve tried, they get offered up everywhere. But Caviar Gold, I think it’s the oil and the weed mixed together, there’s just something about it that always lifts me up. I don’t get couch-lock from it. It’s an uplifting, bouncy high. Caviar Gold is definitely my favorite.


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