Dream Extracts

Available at HGH Collective in Corona.

Dream Extracts’ motto, “Dabs Rule Everything Around Me,” which uses every letter in the word DREAM, is emblazoned across the top of the colorful package containing a superlative potent wax. Dream Extracts is all about dabbing—and diving headfirst into a strong extract. People like to get messed up, but unfortunately for themselves, their family and community, they usually choose to do it with alcohol. With Dream Extracts, you can get just as messed up with no danger to anyone, anywhere, anytime and no chance of throwing up and blacking out. This amazingly transparent wax is ever so slightly yellow with a sweet dank lemonade flavor. This is the wax that others want to and should emulate. The strong flavors indicate the terpenes have been preserved in the concentration process. Available at HGH Collective in Corona, Dream Extracts has produced a wax that induces expansion, euphoria and enthrallment. 

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