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Is the new season of Game of Thrones back yet? What about now? Okay, there may not be fantastical winged beasts on TV right now, but DRAGON Originals 100mg CBD Elixir is the next best thing to getting excited to revisit the land of Westeros. More than just cannabinoids, this is a legit superfood packed with ingredients like mangosteen and lychee to help you charge through the day. There’s also 10mg of THC to help give you more of an entourage effect, and we’re not talking about that other HBO show. We’d be microdosing with it if the taste wasn’t so good—its tasty flavor makes you want to finish the bottle after a dropper full hits your mouth. We let a dropper full rest under our tongue and felt the effects almost immediately, noting a calm relaxation and clarity of mind without any cotton mouth. For those who need CBD on a daily basis, consider this the best way to keep a steady stream in your body.

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