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Dr. Bronner’s Release Soap Using Cannabis Scent



Dr. Bronner’s all-natural, organic soap products are popular with eco-conscious fans across the country. Now the famous brand is launching a new campaign to benefit cannabis by teaming up with Oregon cultivators and  using cannabis-scented soap to catch the attention of those who could lend support.

Dr Bronner’s is release a new soap product, called a “Cannabis Scented Pure-Castille Bar Soap,” that is made with hemp derived terpenes, as well as many other fair trade oils. This campaign will benefit the nonprofit certification program known as Sun+Earth, a company that helps CBD products get an organic certification. The goal is to make cannabis and hemp as Earth-friendly as possible.

In addition to products grown without chemicals, the “Beyond Organics” program is looking for brands that compost, mulch and consider community standards when it comes to their grow practices. It also considers those who cover crops and try to preserve the quality of the soil.

“We see Sun+Earth as a key effort to help consumers shift the cannabis world away from corporate industrialized grows, toward regenerative, sustainable small farmer models,” said David Bronner, known as cosmic engagement officer at Dr. Bronner’s, stated, in a news release.

The plan is for Sun+Earth to raise $25,000 through the soap campaign in order to be able to support the program further and help more grows obtain state certification.

Those who donate $25 to Sun+Earth beginning November 20, or those who buy more than $50 from Sun +Earth brands at dispensaries, will receive a bar of soap.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Bronner’s has gotten involved with supporting psychoactive strides. The company helped fund a successful initiative, Measure 109, to legalize medical psilocybin therapy in the 2020 voting season. The initiative passed with 56.12 percent of voters in favor; approximately 1,832, 513 votes in all.

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