Double Dose Purple Urkle Pre-roll & True OG CO2 Oil by Tanker Available at: Joint Rivers in Auburn.

“It takes two to make it outta sight,” and out of sight is what this Double Dose by Tanker is. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, flower and concentrate, this Purple Urkle Pre-roll and True OG CO2 Oil is for you. The CULTURE team started off our journey with the Purple Urkle Pre-roll, which provided all the purple flavors—grape and berry, and an indica effect that kept things nice and mellow. After that, the team injected the CO2 oil into a cartridge using the handy injector tool that came with the products and sampled the oil in a vape pen. The True OG delivered like its namesake, keeping things mellow yet joyous. The effects of both products paired perfectly, and their portable nature makes them perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re out and about, or at home, this handy pair will be sure to delight.

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