Don’t Miss San Francisco’s International Cannabis Business Conference

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is an international event that is touching down in San Francisco on Friday, February 17. This one-day business-to-business conference is an opportunity for those in the cannabis industry to learn more about business models, permits, regulations and more from top state regulators and industry-leading professionals.

This year’s ICBC event features one of the most prominent names in American activism—Henry Rollins is the keynote speaker. Since his fame began as the lead singer of the famous punk band, Black Flag, Rollins has evolved into a recognizable and outspoken American activist who advocates for cannabis legalization and decriminalization, among other important topics. Rollins’ approach to his activism is straightforward and intelligent. He is not afraid to call out the prison industrial complex that is flourishing in our nation, and he sees decriminalization of cannabis as necessary in order to end the discrimination that has been disproportionately landing people of color in prison for so many years.

Rollins was on the cover of CULTURE back in 2013, and we were able to connect with him once again to get more insight into what he’ll be speaking about during ICBC. “The topics of cannabis legalization and decriminalization in America has been a hot button issue for me for a long time,” he tells us. “I don’t smoke marijuana, and I don’t want to, but I don’t want you to get busted for smoking it; if you can have a bottle of booze then I think you can have a joint as well,” Rollins said.

Additionally, Rollins recognizes that cannabis can be beneficial for those with various medical conditions. “And when you see the obvious truth of how beneficial it is to people with a myriad of medical conditions, should we really be telling an old lady that she’s not allowed to eat half of a hash brownie for her osteoporosis because it makes her feel so much better? I mean, come on. What are you, mean? The discrimination against cannabis is steeped in racism and ignorance in this country at least,” Rollins said. “It fuels the ‘War on Drugs,’ which is a war on the poor and non-white, and I think it needs to stop. So, that’s why even though I’m not a participant in the cannabis party, I’m still all for its legalization.”

Rollins feels it’s still important for him to advocate for cannabis reform. He shared with us why this event and keynote speech at the ICBC is important to him. “I want [all the attendees] to know that they’re basically culture warriors, and they’re helping to undo years of bigotry, ignorance, superstition, racism and hatred. So this is a bigger conflict, and when they win, a lot of other people will win with them. That’s the point I’d like to drive home.”

Attendees will certainly find undeniable truth through Rollins’ insight at ICBC. However, there will be plenty other knowledgeable individuals speaking as well, bringing a very well-rounded and thorough source of information about all avenues of the cannabis industry.

Although ICBC is just one day, attendees who want more can attend the VIP Reception on Thursday, February 16. The VIP event features opportunities to network with Henry Rollins, John Salley and Tommy Chong. For more information on the event and to buy tickets, visit

WHAT: International Cannabis Business Conference
Fri., Feb. 17. Hilton San Francisco Union Square, 333 O’Farrell St., San Francisco.
Visit for more information.

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