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Dispensary Manager Foils Robbery with Bear Spray




Screw around with a dispensary crew, and it might now turn out the way you planned. Marijuana Club 99 in Everett, Washington was hit by a trio of robbers on Feb. 22, but dispensary manager Chris Vincent wasn’t about to hand over the money and cannabis without a fight. Vincent was able to thwart the robbery by pummeling the would-be robbers with bear spray, forcing them to flee the scene of the crime in shame.

Given Vincent’s background in the military, he knew that Frontiersman bear spray contains Capsicum pepper and is powerful enough to ground even a 500-pound grizzly bear.

“That is the first time I’ve shot bear spray. I’ve done pepper spray before, but that is a whole new level of hurt,” Vincent told KIRO 7. “I was going after them. I was going for the eyeballs.”

Leafly reports that one of the three robbers stuck a handgun in Vincent’s face around 10:53 p.m. and demanded cash from the register.

“I grabbed my bear spray that was underneath my register and attacked the first guy that was on my right behind me, chased him down the right side of the building and came back around,” the manager told Leafly. “The guy that had the gun was coming towards me and I got him with the last little bit of the can. And they all just scrambled for the front doors.”

A video of the incident was posted on YouTube and has since gone viral. Coincidentally, it’s the second time this month that Marijuana Club 99 was hit by robbers. In the previous incident, three other robbers got away with thousands of dollars’ worth of cannabis products and cash. It’s likely that Vincent wasn’t about to allow his dispensary to be robbed a second time. This time around, the crew at Marijuana Club 99 was able to protect their cash and assets from the robbers.