Disjointed Returns to Netflix for Part Two

Last April 20, Netflix announced a release date for its workplace comedy show, Disjointed. It took only four months for the show to release in August of last year, and now, because “one is never enough,” Disjointed will be returning once more to finish off the second part of the first season, simple dubbed “Part 2.”


The trailer for the next part of the season features none other than the classic tune “Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows” by Lesley Gore, a fitting soundtrack to the crazy events that take place in fictional Los Angeles-based dispensary, Ruth’s Alternative Caring, following the events of episode 10, “The Worst.” After a run-in with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Ruth (played by Kathy Bates) and her budtender employees will be getting right back into their cannabis industry antics.

Despite middle-of-the-road reviews from various websites for the first season, Disjointed has kept pretty relevant on social media. The day after Jeff Sessions announced his decision to rescind the Cole Memo, Disjointed immediately began poking fun at the situation. One Twitter post shared that from now on, “All #SmokeSessions will henceforth be known as #JeffSessions.” And on January 10, Netflix shared a musical sing-a-long featuring some of the cast of the show. The video is all about proclaiming how April 20 is the best day of the year in a broadway-esque style, complete with choreographed dancing.

The show wouldn’t be as successful without the acting talents of Kathy Bates, previously known for her roles in Misery, Fried Green Tomatoes, Titanic, Harry’s Law and American Horror Story. Bates spoke with The New York Times in an interview shortly after Disjointed first released regarding her current cannabis use and how it shows through her character. “I’ve had a prescription for some time for chronic pain,” Bates said. “I’ve really become a believer. I find it just as, if not more, effective than other pain relief. Originally, when I was going through breast cancer, my oncologist prescribed some, because my recovery was painful and the marijuana was a tremendous help.”

Part 2 of Disjointed returns on Friday, Jan. 12 on Netflix.



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