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Diablo OG Kush





Available at Mana Gardens in Seattle.

As soon as the package was unsealed, Diablo OG Kush announced itself. A pungent, musky and slightly sweet fragrance engulfed the room when this OG Kush phenotype was unwrapped. It was delightful, and gave the impression that this flower was a force to be reckoned with—and it was. Dense, jam-packed with crystals, dark-green with bright orange hairs poking through, this flower is beautiful. Large, well-formed buds give the flower an heir of sophistication and quality. We consumed the Diablo OG Kush using a water pipe. The flavor had a more pronounced sweetness than the smell, but other than that, the taste and fragrance were alike in their almost fermented-like quality. It’s a very unique smell and flavor. It took a small amount of time for the Diablo OG Kush to kick in, but once it did, it was pretty all-consuming. The effect was incredibly relaxing, both physically and mentally. The sativa-indica hybrid definitely falls on the indica side when it comes to the mental effect. Because with that deep, peaceful relaxation comes the standard brain fog that can make certain tasks off-limits. This is the perfect flower for pain management, binge watching your favorite show, and anything else you do from the safety of your own home.

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