Despite Legal Cannabis in Canada, Edibles Still Aren’t Legal

With adult-use cannabis now legal in Canada, those looking to try out the different ways to consume cannabis are out of luck as edibles are still prohibited in the country. Canada, which became the second country to legalize cannabis and the largest legal market, only allows cannabis in its flower form for now.

The Canadian government has not yet allowed edible cannabis products to be sold for recreational use, as the government still needs more time to create regulations and laws around them. Federal officials are coming up with draft regulations on new classes of cannabis with plans on finishing them buy the end of the year. The government has noted that edibles should be allowed within a year of the Oct. 17 legalization date, however a specific date still hasn’t been set.

“This is a big change in the way we approach cannabis in this country,” said Anne McLellan, former Chair of Canada’s cannabis task force. “And many existing laws and regulatory systems have to be either modified or changed to accommodate the legalization and regulation of cannabis in whatever form.”

There is a chance that Quebec will never allow edibles to be sold, as a representative for the provincial Ministry of Health and Social Services said edibles will not be immediately added to the market once edibles are legalized, citing the province’s need for an extensive analysis on the health impact of edible cannabis. Quebec’s new government, headed by François Legault, promised to be stricter on cannabis and already intends to raise the consumption age to 21 and ban cannabis from public places.

Studies have shown that Canadians are interested in trying edibles, but those interested in satisfying their craving will have to stick with the tried and true method of making their own, although they might not be as good.

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