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Delaware Officials to Debate Cannabis Legalization



In the past, Delaware has been a state that formerly considered recreational cannabis legalization and decided against it. Now it’s going to be once again going to become a topic of discussion among legislators.

The Delaware General Assembly begins working again in March to discuss a variety of proposed bills, and cannabis is expected to be a hot topic—especially considering that the state’s north eastern neighbor, New Jersey, recently legalized recreational cannabis.

In light of recent legalization efforts in other states, Representatives such as Edward Osienski feel that this time around, they may be successful in pushing legalization in Delaware through. “I think [other states’ move] will help convince some of my colleagues who have been on the fence that now may be the time to get this passed. That’s my hope, at least,” Osienski said, according to the Delaware Business Times.

Osienski plans to propose his cannabis bill once again in hopes that it will be able to move forward. If passed, this bill would create 125 licenses for those who wish to get into the sale, processing, or production of medical cannabis in Delaware. An estimated 1,000 staffing positions to be created, which will bring about thousands of new jobs as well as income tax revenue and trickle-down spending.

When it comes to what the funding from cannabis will go to, Osienski wants to avoid earmarking money this early in the game, but also wants to see different proposals so the funding can be allocated. “There’s always some good proposals out there for programs that need funding, and I encourage them to go through the typical legislative process and get those proposals approved,” he said.If Delaware legalizes, they will join the ranks of other east coast states with recreational cannabis such as Massachusetts and New Jersey and will generate even more money for the region.

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