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Delaware Lawmakers Want to Revise Medical Cannabis Rules



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]A[/dropcap] new bill in Delaware, which is currently being tabled in order to gain support, would allow medical cannabis patients to grow their own products at home.

According to The Associated Press, the bill is sponsored by Rep. Michael Smith and would allow a patient to have up to six mature plants and six immature plants. Caregivers could also cultivate plants for their patients. The grow sites would be tracked and monitored and would have to comply with local codes. Landlords and other individuals who are in charge of the property could still forbid cannabis grows on-site. “I’d rather work to improve the bill versus having it dead on arrival right now,” Smith said about why he decided to hold his bill back rather than push it through immediately.

In addition to the change regarding growing, the bill aims to make it legal for folks to still have access to firearms even if they are legal cannabis patients. Chief sponsor Sen. Anthony Delcollo, claimed that it would be a major justice disruption if people who use cannabis as medicine are treated like “second class citizens” and not given the rights to medicine and protection that other patients possess.

While medical cannabis users would still be prohibited under federal law from buying or transferring firearms, the bill would mean that folks would be protected from being prosecuted if they owned a gun and also used medical cannabis, and it would cover medical cannabis users who inherited guns, even though they can’t purchase.

This could be the next in a series of steps Delaware is taking towards legal cannabis. The state is considering legalizing recreational cannabis in the future, and they also approved a bill to help those with PTSD. Medical cannabis could be even more accepted and supported if this bill passes.

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