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Cream de Canna Extracts Golden Pineapple




The coolest and fruitiest flavored extract this side of Hawaii has got to be the Golden Pineapple by Cream de Canna Extracts. This nectarous and fragrant shatter’s claim to fame is almost four percent of terpenoids matched with over 76 percent total cannabinoids. Both @creamdecannaextracts and @yellowhandlabs collaborated to achieve 0ppm in residual solvents and 0ppm in residual pesticides, assuring patients of a pure, quality product. Its glass-like amber texture makes it easy to handle allowing for ease in dabbing on a rig, placing inside a pen or applying to a joint. The combination of luscious flavors and unsurpassed potency makes for a most desirable concentrate, and Golden Pineapple can be found at Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose.

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