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GRO (Grow Right Organically) Tents
For patients wishing to contribute more to their collective or just tired of paying top dollar for their medicine, the GRO (Gro




GRO (Grow Right Organically) Tents

For patients wishing to contribute more to their collective or just tired of paying top dollar for their medicine, the GRO (Grow Right Organically) Tent by Medical Cannabis Access Group in Riverside is just the ticket. It’s unobtrusive, resembling a plain cabinet when closed and taking up a space just 10 feet long, 5 feet wide and 7 feet high. It’s remarkably energy efficient for an indoor system, consuming an average of 380 kilowatts a month. And it’s modeled with any eye toward California’s medical-marijuana program by allowing for a perpetual six-plant harvest per month.

The GRO Tent system retails for $3,000, including set-up and tech support, and can be easily upgraded for patients with larger needs. Given the high price of premium bud, patients can easily save 60 percent in medicinal costs with their first harvest. Find out more about the system by calling Medical Cannabis Access Group at (877) 471-6224, or visit


Derringer Cycles

Leave it to a guy who once designed a vodka-cooled computer to come up with a beach cruiser as in-your-face sweet as the Derringer. Pedal along in the height of luxury until you get winded, then fire up the Honda-built, overhead-valve, 4-stroke engine and feel the wind in your hair. The pedals remain stationary when the engine’s running. Named after the legendary pistol, the Derringer can cruise from L.A. to Santa Barbara and back on a single gallon of gas and models can accelerate to 40 mph. Are you salivating yet?

Built for comfort (each model is custom-built for its owner), safety (wide wheels and balloon tires) and cool (hand-riveted leather Brookes seats), Derringers retail for about $3,500. You can find out more about them at


EPOC Headset

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to grasp the staggering possibilities of a device capable of turning thoughts into computer commands. Showcased at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, the EPOC Headset by Emotiv does just that by translating the brain’s electrical signals into digital messages that manipulate computer applications and games. The technology is still bleeding edge, but make no mistake—it’s here, now and available in limited supply to the general public.

The EPOC’s 14 saline sensors detects the user’s thoughts, emotions and facial expressions, interprets the data as computer code and transmits it wirelessly to most PCs. Emotiv has downloadable applications in which users can use their mind power to play video games, view a map of their brains’ activity and even manipulate photos. But of much greater potential is the company’s ongoing research into developing EPOC applications for the disabled—imagine a program for operating an electric wheelchair or word-processing. The EPOC Headset is available in the U.S. for $299, and can be found at


Dr. Bonner’s Magic Pure-Castile Soaps

In honor of Hemp History Week, here’s a classic product and genuine American success story. A work of love by the late humanitarian Emmanuel Bronner, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure-Castile Soaps “All-in-One” contain a host of natural ingredients. But what gives its truly unique spin is its use of industrial hemp oil, a polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich substance that makes the soap milder and easier on the skin.

There are many reasons to recommend Dr. Bronner’s products, but a good one is the company’s history of philanthropy in supporting fair trade and hemp legalization. Emmanuel Bronner was a dedicated believer in the goodness of man (remarkable, since his parents perished in the Holocaust), and his family continues the tradition by giving generously to noble causes. But perhaps the best reasons to check out Dr. Bronner’s products are the soaps’ high quality and environmental friendliness. The soaps are available at stores everywhere. For more info, visit