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Resinate Pipe Cleaning Solution
Trying to remove the built-up residue in a glass pipe can sometimes test your commitment to medicating. Even the most tried-and




Resinate Pipe Cleaning Solution

Trying to remove the built-up residue in a glass pipe can sometimes test your commitment to medicating. Even the most tried-and-true cleaning methods, such as rinsing with isopropyl alcohol and rice grains, can take hours of soaking and shaking and repeating and frequently achieve only limited results. With Resinate, a liquid abrasive cleaning solution by Bon-Git Products, eliminating weeks or even months of baked-on residue becomes so easy, it’s almost scary.

Just pour a small amount of Resinate into your pipe, cover the openings and shake. Instantly—and we mean instantly—carbonized resin that once seemed impossible to remove just washes away. The process is even easier for smaller pieces like glass bowls and stems—just place them in a plastic bag, add some Resinate and give it a couple of shakes. Your pipes will never look cleaner. Resinate works to clean, sterilize and disinfect any glass, Pyrex glass, metal or ceramic surface on contact.

Resinate retails for about $15 for a 12-fluid-ounce bottle. Visit to order or for information on wholesale purchasing.


FUrCKo Water Pipe Bags and Stash Pillow Pouches

One of the great things about cannabis is the way it spreads the wealth throughout the local economy. Consider FUrCKo—a So Cal company (the owners prefer the term “Sew Cal company”) that produces bags, pillows and pouches for toting your most delicate glass and ceramic water pipes and other accoutrements. Up against enormous competition, FUrCKo is making its mark by focusing on what counts: fine craftsmanship using high-quality, durable materials.

We sampled several FUrCKo products, and fell in love with the 21-inch long, 9-inch-diameter water-pipe tote bag. Brilliantly designed in Jamaican tri-colors using plush upholstery fabric both inside and out, the bag rolls out into the perfect carrying case for safely transporting a large glass or ceramic water pipe. It even comes with inner pockets for storing fragile bowl stems and other attachments and a sturdy shoulder strap. When rolled up, the bag can be used as a comfy pillow that’s so well padded, you can rest on it without damaging the glass pipe within.

FUrCKo products range wildly in size and function, from the tiny lighter covers and leashes all the way up to bags/pillows capable of storing 5-foot pipes. Prices also vary, with larger items retailing for around $40 to $50. You can find them at quality smoke shops throughout Southern California, or order them direct by calling (714) 421-5177 or visiting


Alienware M11x Laptop

Form and function are never so important as in the gaming world, and nothing captures the spirit of both as Alienware—a Dell subsidiary that makes custom-built desktop and laptop computers for high-performance gaming. With its M11x Laptop, the Alienware techies from another planet show that some of the best things in life come in small packages.

Remarkably powerful for a 4.3-pound, sub-15-inch laptop, the M11x features a 720p HD 11.6-inch backlit widescreen display, 8.5-hour battery life, NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M GPU and optional 1.3GHz SU7300 Core 2 Duo processor. It also comes with all the eccentric features Alienware fans have come to crave, including face-recognition software; built-in webcam, speaker and microphone; and a relatively flat, backlit keyboard and light panels that can be changed to just about any color in the rainbow. This is one beautiful, sexy, glow-in-the-dark device—expect to be mobbed by fascinated onlookers when you whip it out in public.

The Alienware M11x retails for $799.99 and can be purchased—and customized—by visiting


The YikeBike

Since you have to get around town anyway, why not save the planet and turn the bicycle design world on its head at the same time? The YikeBike is a 22-pound electric vehicle with a 20-inch front wheel and 8-inch back wheel and is ready to fold up and fit into a shoulder-strapped tote bag when not in use. In other words, the fact that you steer the YikeBike with your hands at your sides is the least of its revolutionary properties.

Tailor-made for urban travel, the carbon-fiber-framed YikeBike has a maximum speed of 25 mph and can range up to 6.2 miles on a single 40-minute recharge. It’s also built for safety, with electric anti-skid brakes and high-visibility LED handlebars and tail lights. It’s also remarkably comfortable to ride, with an ergonomically correct design that places minimal stress on the rider’s spine and wrists.

The YikeBike costs about $4,450, and can be secured with a $135 deposit. Order one through the company’s website at