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Veho USB Microscope
From the people at 420 Science who gave us all those great medicine jars, the Veho USB Microscope instantly opens a window on the won




Veho USB Microscope

From the people at 420 Science who gave us all those great medicine jars, the Veho USB Microscope instantly opens a window on the wondrous ecosystems living infinitesimally large on your favorite strains. While rumors that the first microscopic images of cannabis revealed thousands of red-eyed fairies dancing in rings proved unfounded, you’ll still be amazed at what 20x to 200x magnification will turn up. Imagine hairs the size of Christmas trees and trichomes like giant’s tears!

The Veho takes 2-megapixel images, and even creates videos in .avi format. The adjustable arm and base allows for perfect positioning and stability every time, while 4 LED lights illuminate subjects for optimal clarity. Each scope comes with free Windows software and is PC- and Mac-compatible. You can find them at, where they retail for $99.99—no charge for shipping.


Essential Vape Portable Vaporizer

At first glance, you might think the Essential Vape was a cigarette lighter, miniature Taser gun or some kind of Star Trek communication device—anything but what it actually is. That’s because what it is happens to be one of the most mind-blowing advances in portable vaporizer technology to come around in a long time. It works by simply attaching a glass vial filled with your favorite medicine or essential oils to the tip of the hand grip, heating the vial with a lighter and inhaling through the grip’s mouthpiece.

That’s it. No, really, that’s it—no more messy inflatable bags, no red-hot porcelain surfaces and no more frantic searches for an available electrical outlet. Essential Vapes come in nine different colors, and every one shipped to a U.S. address includes two glass vials, a user guide and a handsome carrying case. Get yours by visiting For orders of more than 12, call (866) OIL-VAPE (645-8227).


Poison Apothecary Jars

Here’s one way to keep the Blue Meanies’ hands off your medicine. These classic-style apothecary jars from Victorian Trading Co. feature uniquely lethal labels that will definitely grab the attention of anyone who sees them. Use them to store your more potent medicinal herbs or any substances you feel deserve special consideration before handling, including chocolates or candy.

For all the emphasis on Belladonna, Arsenic and Hemlock (three seriously deadly poisons), the jars are perfectly safe for food storage—provided you don’t use them to store belladonna, arsenic or hemlock. They range in size from 12 to 16 inches tall, and retail for $49.95 each, either with the poison label or without. Collect the whole set, or send them as gifts for those special Goths in your life. Find them at, or by calling (800) 700-2035.


Glowfire Illuminating Disposable Lighters

OK, we’re not usually big on cheap, gimmicky, disposable anything, but these cheap, gimmicky, disposable lighters by BeWild are just so fun that we’re making an exception. Glowfires are great for finding your keys or the keyhole on those dark, moonless nights. They’re even better for sparking up a conversation when you whip them out at a concert. Best of all, they’re so inexpensive ($1.99 each) that you can buy 60 of them and scatter them on table tops at your next party.

Each lighter has a super-bright LED light on the bottom that you turn on or off with a switch—a useful trick for finding your lighter in the dark provided you first remember to switch it on before you lose it. They also come in a variety of colors and glows. You can find them at, or at, where you’ll find more cheap and gimmicky products than you ever dreamed possible.