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PPM-2a Fuzzy Logic CO? Controller

What’s worse than losing your entire crop to bad CO? levels? Losing your entire crop and having to pay for the CO? that ruined it. Manufactured by Custom Automated Products in Riverside, the PPM-2a Fuzzy Logic CO? Controller avoids both disasters by constantly monitoring and controlling CO? levels in a given environment. Unlike standard on/off controllers, which keep pumping CO? into the air before finally cutting off when they detect excessive levels, the PPM-2a automatically adjusts to an area’s specific conditions and keeps CO? within 25 PPM (Parts Per Million) of the desired level.

That’s critical, because overshooting carbon dioxide levels not only damages plants but also reduces the efficiency of CO? generators and shortens the life of expensive bottled CO?. PPM-2a’s Fuzzy Logic, or artificial intelligence, actually “learns” how to best maintain gas levels as it operates. The result—huge savings and happier, healthier plants.

To find out more about the PPM-2a, visit The controllers retail for $669.95.


Safetyz Stash Pocket Underwear

Now you can say you have a party in your pants, and mean every word of it. The Safetyz Stash Pocket Underwear has a large pocket sewn into the crotch that expands to 4 inches in width and 7 inches in length—that’s a lot of room for when you’re packing serious weight. An inside zipper allows easy access, meaning no embarrassing fumbling when whipping it out in the airport men’s room! The 100-percent cotton, 100-percent handmade-in-the-USA boxer briefs come in three colors and sizes, providing volumes of variation for safely securing your medicinals in your unmentionables.

You can find your Stash Pocket Underwear at Grab yourself one for $15.99, or a set of three for $39.99—they’re a perfect gift for keeping your loved ones on this side of the hoosegow!


Natural Relief Topical Cannabis Spray/Analgesic Cannabis Lotion

Cannabis tinctures and creams are effective for relieving pain, but they’re also messy, time-consuming and costly to make yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Natural Relief Topical Cannabis Spray and Analgesic Cannabis Lotion applies the same science to pain relief, is a breeze to use and is far less expensive than that mason jar of Green Dragon you’ve been waiting over a month to “ripen.” Plus, they smell really good!

Just apply the topical spray to a sore spot and allow the cannabis-rich isopropyl alcohol to “flare” skin cells and get the THC molecules fast to your natural cannabinoid receptors. Then rub the analgesic lotion over the sprayed area—the fats in the lotion hydrate the area, helping it further absorb the spray while working in additional medicine. We’ve tried it ourselves—and were amazed at how fast and well it worked to relieve pain.

You can find the spray and lotion at more than 30 cannabis clubs, including Alternative Herbal Health in Long Beach and La Puente’s Trinity Wellness Center, throughout Southern California. The set retails for $40.


Sony Reader Touch Edition

With all the ongoing buzz over the new Apple i-something, it’s easy to forget that some of the best things in life are cheaper and don’t’ have a friggin’ i in front of it. Take the Sony Reader Touch Edition, for example: It’s thinner than an issue of Vogue, can store up to 350 books (more with memory-card upgrades), has a 6-inch screen that lets you flip pages with a finger swipe, and—best of all—is about $200 cheaper than the cheapest iPad. For bookworms with upside-down mortgages, that’s 200 good reasons for going Sony.

The Reader Touch supports a variety of text file formats, including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and BBeB Book. It’s also PC and Mac-compatible, and can download and play back MP3 and AAC audio files, for when you need some mood music to go with your literature.

Sony Reader Touch Editions ( are available pretty much everywhere, and retail for around $268. Take that, Mr. Jobs.

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