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Joe Gigz e-Cigarettes
Vaporizers have come a long, long way, baby. Take the Joe Gigz e-Cigarette, a nifty bit of microelectronic technology that vaporizes




Joe Gigz e-Cigarettes

Vaporizers have come a long, long way, baby. Take the Joe Gigz e-Cigarette, a nifty bit of microelectronic technology that vaporizes oil-based concentrates to deliver cool, clean hits. Billed as a way to help quit smoking tobacco or simply as an easy-on-the-lungs method of ingesting your favorite herbal oils, the battery-powered device comes with five replaceable cartridges. Two contain “high-level” nicotine oil, one medium level, one low, and one has tobacco-flavored oil with no nicotine. Blank cartridges (which can be loaded with any light herbal oil) and replacement lithium batteries can be ordered separately.

Joe Gigz e-Cigarettes come in three styles, from the small Midnight Express to the PenStyle (best for nicotine cessation) to the Big Easy. Starter kits range from about $70 to $80. They’re popping up at dispensaries across Southern California, and can be ordered through the website, Other accessories sold separately include carrying cases, oils, batteries, car chargers and USB chargers.


Smokeez Bong Holder

Smokeez Smoke Shop in Santa Ana offers this convenient solution to the inherent messiness of water pipes. Made of rich, varnished wood and rust-proof metal, the Smokeez Bong Holder is a fully functional, hands-free cannabis accessory and a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. It holds any medium-sized to large bong firmly in place for both splash-free smoking and easy storage, while twin inset pockets allow you to keep your fire and your medicine jar close at hand. Think of it as a one-stop service console for all your water-pipe needs (cannabis not included).

Smokeez Bong Holders are individually handcrafted (by exactly one artisan), making each one a unique work of art. They’re available only at Smokeez Smoke Shop, where they’re going fast for about $55 each. For more info, call Smokeez at (714) 617-5990.


GotVape Aroma Classic Vaporizer

A lot of vaporizers come with their share of drawbacks, from trying to find the right balance between vaporizing and suffering third-degree burns to being bulky and difficult to operate. That’s why we fell so quickly and completely in love with the compact Aroma Classic Vaporizer—a strikingly well-crafted box o‘ cannabinoid magic by GotVape that takes the importance of usability very, very seriously.

It helps that the Aroma Classic has an elegantly designed outer shell composed of durable, heat-resistant bamboo. The color-coded “Optimal Desired Effectiveness” gauge lets you choose the precise temperature needed to atomize your medicine. A Dual-Chamber Vaporizer Whip suspends your blends over a 100-percent glass ceramic heating element—the result being smooth and smokeless hits sent straight through medical-grade tubing to your waiting lips.

Aroma Classic Vaporizers can be found at better smoke shops and at, and range in price from about $150 to $200.


Dr. Dre Studio High-Definition Headphones

If you think music is serious business, consider going pro with these seriously high-performance, studio-quality headphones from Monster. Super comfortable and foldable for easy transport, Studio High Definition Headphones carry every bass and timbre with clarity unlike anything you’ve heard outside a $500-an-hour, well, studio. Monster’s trademark ambient noise-isolation system cancels out background distractions for those times when auditory nuances are most important.

The Studio headphone comes with a Monster iSoniTalk cable that connects with iPhones, BlackBerries and other music devices, and has a built-in answer button and microphone. Just hit the button to make the music stop and the conversation start. When you’re done listening, the Studio’s three-way folding design allows it to fit easily into the impact-resistant touring case (included) for safe toting.

This is no-joke quality, and priced accordingly—the headphones go for $349.95, which you can pay at or