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420 Science Jars
Perhaps the best reason for wanting to keep your medicine in one of these jars is continuity—there’s a good chance the collective



420 Science Jars

Perhaps the best reason for wanting to keep your medicine in one of these jars is continuity—there’s a good chance the collective where you picked up the herb had stored it in a 420 Science container. Founded in 2003 by a graphic designer and a software developer, 420 Science Jars have since become a national brand and something of a phenomenon. It was selected as the Official Stash Jar at the Cannabis Cup and featured prominently on the Showtime series Weeds—but, again, its biggest endorsement is its ubiquitous presence at cannabis clubs.

The jars come in a multitude of styles and sizes, including the Classic Series with glass lids and plastic gasket rings and the Elemental line with screw-top lids. Both are made of thick, high-quality glass and provide airtight, odor-proof seals for freshness and flavor. 420 Science adds or redesigns logos every six months, so you’re constantly presented with any number of cool and colorful logos to choose from—we particularly like the ones with the tricolored Jamaican flag.

The jars range in size from the $14.95 “X-Small” that holds up to 1/6th of an ounce, to the $64.95 Monster Jar, which can pack up to 8 ounces. You’ll find 420 Science Jars at fine smoke shops and on the company’s website at


Gravity Vortex

The laws of physics are wonderfully useful to the cannabis industry. Take the Gravity Vortex, for example—an hourglass-shaped, two-chambered waterfall pipe that works by putting Sir Isaac Newton in the driver’s seat. Just pour water through the mouthpiece on top, let it drain into the bottom chamber, and then flip it over. You’d think the water would immediately pour out the mouthpiece, but you’d be wrong—it magically stays inside. Flip the Vortex over again (after turning the side valve sideways—important!) and load the bowl with your favorite strain. Now here’s really-cool-science stuff; light the weed while turning the side valve vertically—and watch the gravity suction “roast” the bowl automatically. All that remains is removing the bowl attachment and you’re puff, puff, puffing your way to medicinal bliss. It’ll be the coolest, cleanest hit you’ve had in a long time.

Winner of several “Best Product” awards and shown on Weeds, the Gravity Vortex reveals just how far society has evolved from the days of the old potato bong. It’s made of polycarbonate, comes in three colors (green, blue and smoke-gray) and two sizes: 14 inches and 24 inches. Find them at specialty shops and at


Retro Sega Zippo lighters

Want to add some retro spark to your fire? These handy Zippo lighters are fully functional—and are miniature dead ringers for the Sega game consoles of yesteryear to boot. Available in two styles (the 16-bit Sega Genesis and the 32-bit Saturn consoles), they’re the perfect way to tell someone you were thinking of them 25 years ago.

The Zippos have just two big drawbacks that we can see, one of them being that you can’t actually play your old Sega games with them (something about electricity and lighter fluid not being a compatible mix). The other is that in order to get your hands on them, you’ll need to navigate a Japanese website: The company does take U.S. orders, so consider giving it your best shot.


Diva iPod Lamp

If music is your guiding light, the Diva iPod Lamp is a stylish solution to all your audio-luminescent needs. A remote control-operated lamp/external speaker system, FM Radio, clock and retractable iPod or iPhone dock, the Diva also features an auxiliary socket for connecting MP3 players, CD players and computers. A USB port allows you to drop in music from a flash drive, and an audio-out socket lets you connect to external speakers. We’re not making any of this up.

Designed by Donegani & Lauda, the Diva’s external shell is made of anodized, screen-printed casted aluminum. The four high quality, 6W-per-channel speakers housed in the body emit a rich, clear sound that catches the highest highs and deepest lows. But what we really love about this baby is that retractable iPod/iPhone dock. When the dock is closed, the Diva resembles your garden-variety ultra-sleek lamp/FM radio/clock. Open, and you’ve entered the next level of home-based audio entertainment. Find it at

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