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Doob Tubes
Medical-cannabis patients have to travel like everyone else, and when they do, the touchy question of how best to bring along medicine freq




Doob Tubes

Medical-cannabis patients have to travel like everyone else, and when they do, the touchy question of how best to bring along medicine frequently surfaces. Transporting “weight” is never a good idea, and carrying smaller quantities presents its own unique problems—just ask anyone who’s ever tried to haul a joint around in his or her pocket. Fortunately, there’s the Doob Tube—a decidedly low-tech solution to your cannabis-toting needs.

Odor-proof, air- and watertight and made of hard plastic, Doob Tubes allow patients to amble about with confidence that their rolled products will still be intact when they reach their destination. The 4 1/8th-inch tubes are sold in all 50 states, and are available with specially printed labels in states with medical-marijuana programs. California Doobs, for example, cite the exact Health & Safety Code legalizing cannabis for medical use.

Best of all, Doob Tubes are inexpensive—a package of five will set you back a mere $5.99. Order them at


Tightvac Vacuum-sealed Containers

The slogan for these nifty storage devices is “Simplicity That Works,” but the only things simple about Tightvacs is that they’re easy to use and work really, really well. Everything else is a marvel of storage engineering, from the state-of-the art push-button that expels internal air, displaces air and creates an odor-proof, air- and watertight seal, to the light-resistant container walls that keep sunshine from ruining your precious cargo.

But here’s what we love most about Tightvac: After all that scientifically engineered sealing, you don’t have to develop carpal tunnel syndrome trying to open the container. Just press that same button down and the lid comes right off.

Launched in 2000, Tightvac has grown to include an array of brilliant colors and ranging in size from the .12-liter, 8-inch-tall MiniVac (priced around $5) to the 2.35-liter, 10 ¼-inch variety. Find them at specialty shops everywhere, and by visiting


ROOR Water Pipes

Widely considered the first name in premium-quality water pipes, ROOR Water Pipes add class and scientific design to the centuries-old practice of using water to cool your smoke.

Each ROOR pipe is a work of art, beautifully designed and made of thick-walled, hand-blown glass equipped with a detachable mouthpiece. The mouthpiece itself is a signature ROOR design, finely calibrated to accommodate other ROOR mouthpiece accessories. In other words, you can start with a simple glass bowl attachment, upgrade to one with an ash catcher and diffuser, and just keep on accessorizing, accessorizing, accessorizing.

ROOR Water Pipes are available in a multitude of styles, sizes and colors, and are priced from around $100 to $500 and up. Inferior counterfeits abound, so make sure you buy one only from a licensed ROOR retailer. We got ours from Corona Cigar Co., which carries enough ROOR products to make the most jaded aficionado drool.


Enjoy Jars

When we first heard about this unassuming little product, we had our doubts. A mere hand-held jar with compartments for keeping multiple strains separate? Where’s the complexity? But after grabbing an Enjoy Jar and testing and re-testing it, we’re happy to admit this is one cool and versatile cannabis accessory.

Two inches tall with a screw-top lid and composed of clear plastic, Enjoy Jars allow you to store up to four separate strains at once. Each jar comes with a miniature plastic container for storing—and easily carrying—yet a fifth strain. The plastic sides of each compartment serves as a kind of magnifying glass—once you put cannabis in them (each slot holds up to 5 grams), you can see every nug and thread of your precious herb up close and personal.

Yet another great thing Enjoy Jars have going for them is that they’re so low-key—for all that see-through plastic, they just don’t look like a container for storing weed. Maybe that’s because each jar has “Enjoy!” embossed on the lid, or because they’re so brazenly low-tech. Whatever the reason, there’s a lot to be said for unobtrusiveness when dealing with cannabis medicine.

You can buy Enjoy Jars by visiting, where they’re going for $15 apiece.