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Sure, I can lie to you and say I need a new external hard drive for all those Excel spreadsheets I’ve accumulated—but I’ll fess up a





Sure, I can lie to you and say I need a new external hard drive for all those Excel spreadsheets I’ve accumulated—but I’ll fess up and say what I really need is something to stash my 12,000-song “Ultimate Miles Davis Fan” playlist. Enter LaCie External Hard Drives with storage capacities from 500GB to 1TB. We dug the silver-colored Rikiki Go drive for its sleek-looking aluminum casing—great for those bumps and spills—and the 10GB of secure online storage it comes with. If you get the 1TB model, a USB 3.0 super fast transfer interface will come with the territory. Your laptop will thank you. Go to for more info. (James Abraham)



When Meister Watches last year released a limited-production timepiece inspired by the LeBron James documentary film More Than a Game—it was no surprise to us. After all, NBA ball-manipulators like Dwight Howard (Orlando) and Derek Rose (Chicago) haven’t been shy about sporting these artisan-designed watches in the public eye. Who can blame them? The hand-assembled watches from Meister’s Chief, Prodigy and Superstar collections (just to name a few) are ultra-comfortable, made from quality materials and look like you have to drop fistfuls of Donald Trump-type cash to buy one. For a bit of luxury—without the Bernie Madoff voodoo financing—redefine your lifestyle with a Meister watch. Check out for further details. (Matt Tapia)



Sunglasses have been keeping bloodshot eyes under wraps since, well, sunglasses were invented. But, for something a bit more on the cutting-edge of fashion than your garden-variety pair of Ray-Bans, try Anarchy Eyewear’s 420 Collection. We had the opportunity to try out their Blacken, Rally and Transfer models (each goes for about $65) in the Shiny Black color. All come with polarized lenses (great for keeping your vision sharp when your brain’s not!) and are made of lightweight, super-comfy nylon frames. Go to for more info. (Matt Tapia)



Ah, I remember the first sneak-a-toke I ever used. It was made to look like a half-smoked cigarette that you packed by shoving it repeatedly into a little wooden stash box. Well, the technology of under-the-radar smoking has gotten better by leaps and bounds. Introducing the SneakaToke. It’s designed to look like a simple tube of ChapStick, but it’s the 180-degree twistable mouthpiece that makes this smoking accessory so innovative. Align the mouthpiece a certain way and you’re ready to fire up; twist the mouthpiece the other way, blow the smoke through the product and all that comes out is fresh, scented air courtesy of the built-in filtration system. Who’s ready for stealth mode? Go to for more info. (James Abraham)



Calling the Kush Keeper a lockbox for your medicine does this product a grave injustice. It’s so much more than that. It’s peace of mind. It’s convenience for the medical cannabis patient. It’s an effective way to make sure your meds stay out of the wrong hands. Once it’s programmed with your fingerprint (and this literally takes a second or two), you can literally access your Diesel or OG at the touch of button, plus it comes with a back-up key and security cable for those worst-case scenarios. For added convenience, a warning light blinks to let you know when the 4AA batteries are running low and you can store at least a dozen bottles of cannabis inside the Keeper, made of 17-gauge steel. Selling for $199.99, the Kush Keeper is a wise investment in your safety and the security of your medicine. Go to for additional details. (Matt Tapia)



Don’t call it a trip toy. The Korg Monotron Palmsize Synth is an indispensable mini-instrument that can mimic all those retro-harkening electro artists (Daft Punk, Goldfrapp, Digitalism, Soulwax, et. al.) whose love of analog textures complements their crossover dancefloor appeal. This handheld device channels the big sound of everyone’s favorite Korg MS-10 and MS-20 and boils down all the squealing, squelching fun down to five knobs and one switch. Now, at parties, you’ll be able to modulate with the best of them. Check out for more info. (James Abraham)