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Cookies and Cream Shatter





Available at California Collective Care in Vallejo.

Shatter-type hash doesn’t get much more exemplary than California Collective Care’s stock of Cookies and Cream extract from Old School Extracts of Marin County. The source strain Cookies and Cream mixes two mega-popular strains, the old school OG Kush and the new kid Girl Scout Cookies. Old School Extracts used a propane hash oil extraction for their extremely brittle, solid, thick shatter slabs, which are see-through gold and pure, with little initial aroma. The brittleness makes it easy to handle with a dabber or as a topper, and the hash vapes with an ephemeral note of sweet kush, generating massive indica-hybrid effects that can crush insomnia, lack of appetite, stress, depression and pain. Medical-grade propane extractions can be super-pure, and can be purged to extremely low, safe residual solvent levels.

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