Confidential Cheese by Harmony Farms Available wherever: Harmony Farms products are carried.

Confidential Cheese by Harmony Farms is a delightful treat for those looking for something a little different from their usual terpenes. The strong cheesy scent emanates from the jar in an alluring manner, tempting you to consume some of this unique and delectable flower. But unlike the cheese plates you gorged on over the holidays, this cheese is calorie-free. The CULTURE team sampled this tasty flower using a water pipe, and it did indeed taste like some cheesy deliciousness, with a little spice thrown in for good measure. Like a sharp jalapeño cheddar, this flower delights the palate in more ways than one. In addition to the exquisite flavor, this flower provides a well-rounded and enjoyable effect. A creative burst of energy is coupled with a chilled out vibe. This is the perfect flower for art projects, or really enjoying a film or piece of music.

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