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Concentrate of the Week: Void




A concentrate that goes by the name “Void” is titillating indeed, for the word has many meanings. It conjures the image of what a black hole creates, or leaves in its wake. It is a representation of unfulfillment and emptiness after a loss. A void can be mysterious and unknown, but oddly soothing when meditating the mind. The word usually reflects emptiness, but in this case, there is much to look forward to. For Void will wrap you up like a comfortable blanket, and guarantees a temporary but pleasant escape from reality.

Little is known about Void, but reviewers noted first and foremost that Apollo 13 and Querkle are the parents for this unique product. Apollo 13 is a sativa-dominant strain that brings on blissful euphoria, used frequently to combat physical pain or mental stress, whereas Querkle is a fruity indica-dominant treat that often helps patients treat insomnia or help relax their muscles. The birth of Void, which leans towards its indica roots, is a down-to-Earth strain that smells heavily of, well, earth, as well as pine and skunk as well.

In concentrate form especially, Void is an evening product. Once you get settled after dinner, this is what you consume. Paired with activities such as a small project of sorts or watching the newest streaming show online, it will help you slip into a powerful and comfortable state.

This particular concentrate was very stable, and reviewers recommended that consumers heat up their pick prior to consumption, in order to prevent pieces of shatter from flying off (you certainly wouldn’t want any of it to go to waste!) There is no better pairing than a concentrate like this one, with its ability to remove stress from the body after a long day at work or home.