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Concentrate of the Week: Sour Jilly Oil




Summer is nearing an end (well, at least for parents whose kids will be returning to school in a couple of weeks). So this is your official PSA to remember to enjoy what’s left of summer and sit back and relax. Take a load off, visit someplace new and most importantly, get a little silly with cannabis. Concentrates like Sour Jilly Oil are bound to do the trick, offering hybrid effects that will change up your mundane weekdays without overpowering consumers.

Although Sour Jilly Oil is a concentrate created from a hybrid strain, reviewers note that it tends to lean slightly more toward the sativa side of things. It’s also said that this product stems from the proverbial loins of Jilly Bean and some other strain that no one knows about. Jilly Bean is an excellent hybrid in it’s own right, with genetics that stem back to Orange Velvet, Romulan and Cindy 99. It’s “perfectly functional for folks with a tolerance” and frequently consumed by medical patients who suffer from ADHD.

Sour Jilly Oil takes all of these great benefits from its parents and increase its potential. The concentrate sample that CULTURE received was reportedly 83.45 percent THC—in other words, its an estimated four times stronger than a single strain. The solvent-free oil is sold in a small jar that is packed big potential, mainly that of sweet, hyper-potent properties that are very useful when treating any kind of pain or conditions like depression. The terpene profile of this particular product is all sweetness and a tiny addition of sour flavors—a perfect addition to your end-of-summer celebrations. A product like this one is often used to treat everyday stress and fatigue, while also combating depression and chronic headaches as well.