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Concentrate of the Week: Sour Diesel A-Pow




Ever since we began featuring a Strain of the Week last year, we’ve revisited some of the cannabis industry’s most classic products. From OGs to Lamb’s Bread and Gushers, each strain has a unique flavor and effect that’s useful both for recreational and medical cannabis consumers. But one product that has likely had the most relation to these classics is none other than Sour Diesel. Specifically, a concentrate named Sour Diesel A-Pow has proven its worth to the cannabis community through its classic flavors and potency.

There are two things to know about Sour Diesel products. First, it’s known for its energizing and sativa-dominant properties. Second, it usually contains pungent smells of sour, citrus and of course, diesel. The effects are seemingly dreamlike, offering consumers a way to feel invigorated for long amounts of time, all the while experiencing better moods and clear thoughts.

A concentrate based off of this is obviously more potent, with our particular sample clocking in at 98 percent THC-A according to test results. Although the potency is off the charts, the sample was small in size. So small, that a tiny glass jar was all that was needed to contain its power. Unlike our previous concentrate features, this one isn’t a wax, shatter or oil. Sour Diesel A-Pow came in the form of very pale white granules. Once the glass container was opened, it smelled more of a traditional Sour Diesel scent, rather than chemicals or medicine. Unfortunately there was a minor setback with this texture of concentrate, which is not the easiest to dab—but once it was accomplished, reviewers felt very satisfied.

This concentrate has multiple beneficial uses for medical cannabis patients, including that of treating chronic, intractable migraines. Those who suffer from conditions such as multiple sclerosis may also benefit from the high THC content of such a concentrate.