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Concentrate of the Week: OG Jack Clear




Jack is a popular name. Ever since the turn of the 20th century, Jack has remained a strong contender for soon-to-be parents (in 1929 it was ranked #14 most popular). Rankings have fluctuated over the decades, and in 2018 Jack was ranked at #28. While there are many Jacks who are famous (Jack Nicholson, Jack Black, Jack White, Jack Kerouac, etc.) there is one individual who stands out in the cannabis industry—Jack Herer. He was a famous author and advocate, and strains named after often have high medical utility. Which is why OG Jack Clear is a uniquely formed concentrate with many benefits.

Information on this strain isn’t easy to find in terms of parentage because many varieties of Jack Herer strains have been cultivated. Jack Kush, Royal Jack and Black Jack are all said to be popular forms of the Herer namesake. But they all stem from the OG, simply named Jack Herer.

In the case of CULTURE’s review concentrate sample of OG Jack Clear, it is evident that the strain comes directly from a Jack Herer strain itself. Records note that OG Jack Clear originated from the hands of Dab Face back in 2015. The sample was beautiful; a near-translucent pot of clear-ish yellow extract that was very, very sticky. Using a process of filtered steam distillation to remove all impurities made OG Jack Clear a wonderful result of pure potency.

All you need is a tiny dab of this ultra-gooey pot to instantly receive amazing clarity and the revitalizing aroma of citrus terpenes. Consumers report that the dabs are ultra-fine and light, and that the potency is high. Medical cannabis patients who suffer from spinal cord injury and spasms will find great relief in a concentrate such as this one. It is also said to be useful in helping curb opioid addictions.