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Concentrate of the Week: Mango CO2 Oil



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]I[/dropcap]n the world of fruits, there are countless varieties and flavors, but most of them are categorized as citrus or acidic, or sweet (and sometimes a combination of these factors). However, mangoes belong in their own separate category based on this criteria. They’re rich in vitamins, and if you haven’t already tried one before, they lie somewhere on a Venn diagram with overlapping flavors of a non-citrus versions of pineapple, oranges and peaches. Mangoes and cannabis are actually a match made in heaven. Rumor has it that consuming mangoes prior to ingesting cannabis can sometimes enhance the effect it will have on the body. As such, mangoes have become the unofficial fruit mascot of consumers everywhere, as well as producers who make products like Mango CO2 Oil.

Mango CO2 Oil is based on the Mango strain, which is said to be a cross between Thai and Brazilian sativa strains, and a potent indica strain from Afghanistan. Although no names were provided, it’s easy to assume that the end product became a wonderful and reliable hybrid that leans on the indica side of potency. Of course, in concentrate this form, these effects are strengthened tenfold.

Mango CO2 Oil contains no solvents or additives, and the company that produced this particular product, POP Naturals, utilized a pure CO2 subcritical extraction process. The oil offers a smorgasbord of fruity flavors, which was tested at about 1.1 percent terpenes and 60.62 percent cannabinoids, according to reviewers.

With its uniquely zesty flavor profile, this concentrate is the perfect oil to choose for your last summertime hurrah. With September right around the corner, and warm weather and vacations behind you, a dose of this will allow you to wind down and get ready for fall. Mango CO2 Oil’s properties target those who seek relaxation most of all, so those who suffer from constant anxiety or stress will find that this will help melt their worries away while dreaming of a hammock in the Caribbean.

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