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Concentrate of the Week: LA Chocolate



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]he city of Los Angeles, California was established on April 4, 1850. Less than six months later, California became an official state of the union. It was a time when history was in the making—cities were growing rapidly, people had already begun to seek their fortunes after crossing the country’s roughest terrain to head west. Life was simple, but we’re pretty sure that among other important goods, cannabis and hemp plants made it west as well. Today, Los Angeles is a bustling melting pot of people and varied interests—and it’s also the home of a concentrate called LA Chocolate.

As seasoned cannabis connoisseurs, it’s not very often we are given a product that astonishes CULTURE reviewers. With so many incredible products out there, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd—but LA Chocolate does just that. Hydrocarbon Extracted LA Chocolate manages to do just that. It’s not just in the impressive numbers: 71.25 percent THC. The packaging design is attractive and functional, with a plastic case and silicon sleeve the extract doesn’t get caught in the seal, like in all silicon, or get stuck to the container, like with plastic. But what’s most important, is what’s in that container. The extract itself was what made this product so outstanding. The texture of this product is perfection. Soft and malleable, but doesn’t fall apart. Somewhere in between shatter and wax.

Reviewers consumed LA Chocolate using a quartz bowl piece in a water pipe. The flavor was immediate and overwhelmingly pleasant, a delicate milk chocolate, hazelnut and light fruit flavor that was reminiscent of some out of reach memory. Within minutes of inhaling this sweet, delicious extract, the effects took hold. True to its numbers the product was powerful. Effective for pain relief and relaxation, this extract could be applied to many medical conditions.

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